Air Quality

Simple steps to better air quality

  • Preserving our air quality is the responsibility of every person. Poor air quality can lead to health problems including: asthma, coughing, difficulty breathing, and cardiovascular issues. These problems do not stop with you, it hurts the whole earth, one example being when air pollutants in the atmosphere mix with moisture to form acid rain, which can kill vegetation and destroy crops. Those toxins can come from burning garbage. When plastic and styrofoam are burned harmful substances are released in the air and can be a contributor to acid rain.
  • Reduce electric use by using energy efficient products and practicing conservation efforts. Reducing electricity use cuts back the number of emissions created from energy generation. To make a bigger impact, purchase electricity from a source that uses alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.

Car Maintenance

  • Maintain your vehicle and other machinery. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your car and machinery, but it also helps it run more efficiently, reducing emissions. Change your car and air conditioner air filters, and vehicle's oil regularly. Also, make sure tires are properly inflated.
  • Refuel in the morning or evening. Avoid refueling during mid-day heat as more vapors escape.
  • Don't idle. Turn off your car while waiting for trains. Go inside a restaurant instead of using the drive-thru. Doing so will help keep fuel costs down.
  • Car pool. Car pooling not only reduces vehicle emissions, but it saves gas, reduces traffic congestion, and allows you to catch a nap on days you are not driving.

Lawn Care

  • Mow your lawn in the morning or evening. Did you know that running your lawn mower for 30 minutes creates the same emissions as driving 200 miles? Mowing in the morning and evening instead of the hotter parts of the day reduces carbon emissions.
  • Plant trees around your home. Not only will the shade of the trees help keep your home cool and reduce your electric bill, they will help filter the air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.


  • Shop locally. Buying local goods reduces emissions from travel to and from stores. Also, combine and plan your trips so that you run your errands at once. It will save you time, gas, and help reduce emissions.