Neighborhood Communication
At various times of the year, representatives from City Hall including leaders from the City Manager's Office, the Police Department, Code Enforcement, Parks & Recreation, Downtown Events, and Construction meet with representatives from the HOAs and other non-HOA neighborhoods.

We send e-mail reminders to those Representatives who have let us know they would like to be involved, and post the meetings on the City Calendar.

The  meeting dates will be posted on this page when scheduled. In addition to having an opportunity to speak to and hear from City leadership, the housing representatives  use this time to meet with one another and collaborate from HOA/neighborhood to HOA/neighborhood. OA representatives arrive at 6 p.m. for a pot luck and to handle HOA to HOA business. City staff arrive at between 6:30 to update HOA reps on agenda items from the City.

Yo may send items to be added to the HOA or City agenda to Dana Wilcott at She will compile the agenda and send out to HOA reps once completed. The room will be made available to HOAs until 8:30 to continue to handle HOA business.