Sustainable Environment
The City of Hutto commits itself to a future of a more environmentally sustainable style of development. On December 20, 2007, the Hutto City Council unanimously passed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, a resolution for cities to strive to meet the goals set by the Kyoto Protocol to address climate disruption by leadership and action. Hutto became the twentieth city in Texas and 755 U.S. city to sign on.

Since signing the U.S. Mayor's Kyoto Climate Protection Agreement in 2007, the City of Hutto has created a Green Committee, comprising of City staff members who implement green initiatives both internally and externally. The City of Hutto has also adopted land use plans such as the SmartCode that strive for a more sustainable pattern of development with less dependence on the private automobile.

The City Council has Strategic Policies in place to use as a guideline in order to maximize the benefit to the community of Hutto. These policies range from Public Safety to Council Relations. One in particular, is Quality of Life, the definition is given below, the codes that are explained later in this section were applied to the Quality of Life policy, to gauge these development policies to ensure protection and to maintain as well as increase the quality of the structures in Hutto while preserving the rich history of the City.

Quality of life - It is desire of the Hutto City Council to create and maintain a beautiful, environmentally conscious city where citizens live, work and play.

The SmartCode is a set of rules for different transect zones, ranging from the most rural to the most urban. The SmartCode and other form-based codes focus more on building form and its relationship to the street, whereas conventional zoning ordinances focus on separating most land uses which often leads to sprawl. The SmartCode establishes predictability in development design, and generally allows for mixed uses and denser development, which helps promote walking and reduces daily automobile trips. The SmartCode also allows for wind-powered devices and solar panels for residents and businesses in certain zones. In Hutto the SmartCode is mandatory in the Old Town district; however, outside of Old Town, the SmartCode is optional for developers but with incentives in place. To view the SmartCode online, visit Development Services. You may also contact the Planning Division at 512.759.3479 for more information.

The Unified Development Code
The Unified Development Code (UDC) is a cohesive document that incorporates all of Hutto’s development ordinances. These ordinances include zoning, site design, subdivisions, landscaping, signage, and water and wastewater standards. In addition to simply creating a unified document, the UDC adoption process involved code changes to better serve the Hutto citizens' vision for the future. Although the UDC still allows for fairly conventional standards, it also incorporates greener standards for land and water use to reduce Hutto's environment footprint in future development. It also allows for certain green technologies that have not been addressed or defined in the past. To view the UDC online, click here. You may also call the Planning Division at 512.759.3479 or email for more information.

Green Building Program
The City of Hutto offers a Green Building Certification program to promote sustainable building practices. Points can be earned based on energy and water conservation features, building materials and natural resource conservation, and environmentally conscious products. To learn more, view the Green Building Program.