It's not just a Bedroom Community Anymore
People are our strength. The Hutto region is vibrant with a supply of employee talent that is growing. The labor force in Hutto’s zip code of 78634 is just over 13,000(1) but when you look at the immediate 5-zip codes surrounding Hutto, that number grows to more than 87,000 and more than 680,000 work-age people live within a 30 minute commute of Hutto.

An impressive 20.7% of residents have at least a Bachelor’s degree.  Businesses that locate in the Hutto area will find a smart, adaptive, growing workforce.

Employers in the Central Texas region range from entrepreneurial endeavors such as food trucks, small mom-and-pop restaurants and retail stores, to companies like AT&T, Apple, HEB, Whole Foods Market, and area School Districts employing more than 2,500, and larger organizations like Dell, IBM, Seton Healthcare Family employing more than 6,000 employees.

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